Congress takes on chemical safety

Congress is finally going to take a serious crack at reforming the totally outdated and broken system of chemical regulation at the Environmental Protection Agency. After years of hard work by a coalition of environmental health organizations including the Breast Cancer Fund…

Measuring pollution in people

In recent years, biomonitoring – tracking and measuring the pollution in our bodies – has revolutionized our thinking about toxic chemicals. Studies have found hundreds of industrial chemicals used to manufacture consumer goods in the blood and urine of Americans.

NYT’s Kristof sounds alarm re: toxic chemicals and disease

Have mainstream journalists been too dismissive of the connection between toxic chemicals and increasing rates of development disorders, cancer and other illnesses?

Fix our broken chemical system AND save health care costs AND reduce human suffering

Our friends at Safer Chemicals Healthy Families released a report today that’s another nail in the coffin of the antiquated law that governs our broken chemical management system, the Toxic Substances Control Act.