Exposed: The mammogram myth and the pinkwashing of America (Orion Magazine, 9-10/2013)

“We don’t need more ribbons. What we need is to face a truth that is not pretty, not pink, and not reassuring at all. Chemicals are in our bodies. They are causing cancer. And all the pink ribbons in the world aren’t going to fix that.”

California bill would warn pregnant women about prenatal chemical exposures

When I was pregnant with my daughter three years ago, no one in my doctor’s office mentioned anything about the potential risks associated with chemical exposures, nor did they mention anything about the steps I could take to avoid these exposures.

Scope Spotlight: Road less traveled (7/17/13)

Trekkers and climbers, including two oncologists, attract some well-deserved media attention for their participation in the Breast Cancer Fund’s Sacred Treks global mountaineering expedition.

CSIA Doesn’t Do the Job (Physicians for Social Responsibility, 7/10/2013)

The Chemical Safety Improvement Act fails to provide the EPA the necessary tools to protect people from toxic chemicals linked to disease and ensure the health of future generations.

Calif. governor proposes reforms to landmark toxics law (Environment & Energy Publishing, 5/8/13)

Reaction to Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed changes to Prop. 65, the state’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.

DES and breast cancer lawsuit settled

Big news yesterday out of Boston: Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has settled a case brought against it by four sisters who developed breast cancer in their forties, decades after their mother took the synthetic estrogen DES (Diethylstilbesterol) during her pregnancies…

Reducing breast cancer risk: what we’ve learned from the Women’s Health Initiative

Ten years ago, the medical world was rocked by the discovery that estrogen-progestin hormone-replacement therapy increased the risk of breast cancer and other diseases in post-menopausal women…

Kaiser Permanente detoxes AND saves money

Great news! Yesterday, health-care giant Kaiser Permanente announced it would stop using IV medical equipment made with the toxic chemicals PVC and DEHP.