More good news: House introduces toxic chemicals overhaul bill

Yesterday Reps. Rush and Waxman introduced the Toxic Chemicals Safety Act of 2010 in the House of Representatives. The proposed law would protect people and the environment from toxic chemicals.

The Plastic Panic (The New Yorker, 5/31/10)

In The Plastic Panic, an expansive article this week in The New Yorker, Jerome Groopman writes that BPA “may be among the world’s most vilified chemicals.” So why are federal regulators still undecided about whether to ban it in food packaging?

Ask Janet!

On the next few Fridays (and perhaps beyond), Breast Cancer Fund Science Advisor Janet Gray, Ph.D., of Vassar College, will lend her scientific expertise in environmental health to answering burning questions around the link between breast cancer and environmental exposures. Dr. Gray’s Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention were featured on The Daily Green during National Breast Cancer … Read more…

This October, perhaps prevention matters more than anything else

Each October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month creates a space for a conversation around the pervasiveness of breast cancer, and a special emphasis is often put on early detection, improving treatment and finding a cure. Sadly, we are all too aware of this disease and its devastating impact. Anyone touched by breast cancer – whether you’ve been … Read more…