Clermont breast-cancer survivor to climb Mount Shasta (Orlando Sentinel, 6/15/10)


We just told you about Joey Beauregard, one of two climbers carrying talismans up Mt. Shasta today and tomorrow with the Breast Cancer Fund team. Today the Orlando Sentinel told more of Joey's powerful story:

"I feel that the conversation about cancer needs to change from talking about finding a cure to find the causes of cancer so that it can be prevented in the first place," she said.

Her climb up the fifth-highest mountain in California — the Cascade Range's second-highest peak — is a way for Beauregard to begin that conversation, she said. Beauregard, who has no family history of the disease and has no children, said she's interested in learning of the environmental links to cancer, a main focus of research for the Breast Cancer Fund.

She questions whether her cancer is connected to her home's close proximity to the former Tower Chemical site in Clermont, which was poisoned by toxic chemicals and pesticides in the 1980s and placed in the Superfund program for the nation's most-hazardous sites. (Read complete article.)


2 thoughts on “Clermont breast-cancer survivor to climb Mount Shasta (Orlando Sentinel, 6/15/10)

  1. I’m so proud of you, Joey, on your making it to the climb and your interviewing for the article!
    I kept waking up during the night thinking about you all and where you are at each time. I’ll be keeping track here on the blog and sending hiking energy!

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