Climb Against the Odds team reaches new heights


Under sunny skies and near perfect conditions, the 2012 Climb Against the Odds team had an amazing day on Mt. Shasta. Each climber reached new heights on their journey and we are so proud of and humbled by each of these amazing women!

As the team makes their way down to base camp here is a list of climbers and where they reached their personal summits:

La Dawn Beardsley—14,179 feet, summit
Pam Bennett—14,179 feet, summit
Jennifer Bray—14,179 feet, summit
Blair Brown—14,179 feet, summit
Christine Bunting—14,179 feet, summit
Michele Cobble—14,179 feet, summit
Teasha Curren—14,179 feet, summit
Hazel Dagala—11,600, west face
Hendy Dayton—14,179 feet, summit
Tarsha Ebbern—14,179 feet, summit
Ann Eikenberry—11,200 feet, west face
Lori Fallace—13,000 feet, near the saddle between the west face and Misery Hill
Shannon Hahn—14,179 feet, summit
Deirdre Hockett—14,179 feet, summit
Hayley Jensen—14,179 feet, summit
Alisa Johnson—14,179 feet, summit
Pam Keefe—14,179 feet, summit
Amy Legate—14,179 feet, summit
Linda Morton—14,179 feet, summit
Joanne Padilla—14,179 feet, summit
Madeline Prager—10,500 feet, west face
Diane Silberman—14,179 feet, summit
Katie Singleton—14,179 feet, summit
Jane Small—14,179 feet, summit
Cathy Ann Taylor—14,179 feet, summit
Leslie Vanoni—13,000 feet, near the saddle between the west face and Misery Hill
Sally Werth—9,600 feet, just above Hidden Valley


One thought on “Climb Against the Odds team reaches new heights

  1. Hooray, what a glorious day and an amazing team effort! You all have just accomplished something incredible. Love to the whole team, guides, staff, volunteers and supporters!

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