Climbing to new heights (The Register-Guard, 4/16/2012)


Ann Eikenberry of Springfield, Oregon explained to The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.) her reasons for climbing Mt. Shasta with the Breast Cancer Fund's 2012 Climb Against the Odds team:

Although she has not had breast cancer herself, she will climb in honor of her 74-year-old mother, who survived breast cancer once and may have developed it again, although because of age and other health issues she has chosen not to undergo further treatment.

The nonprofit Breast Cancer Fund’s mission is to develop public policy that “protects our health and is guided by the principle that credible evidence of harm rather than proof of harm is sufficient to mandate policy changes in the public’s best interest,” according to the organization’s website. The group focuses mainly on possible links between breast cancer and environmental poisons that may trigger it.

“That makes it different from many of the other breast cancer organizations, which are focused on medical research and dealing with cancer after it has been diagnosed,” the 41-year-old Eikenberry said. “Both approaches are valid — both are needed.”

Eikenberry has set a personal goal to raise $7,400 for the Breast Cancer Fund — $100 for each year of her mother’s life — as her contribution to the Breast Cancer Fund from the Mount Shasta climb.(Read complete article.)

Meet Ann and the rest of the team, donate and learn more about the event on the Climb Against the Odds 2012 site.


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