Europe votes to ban chemical from baby bottles (USA Today, 11/29/2010)


Just a week after the U.S. Congress failed to protect kids from bisphenol A in baby bottles and sippy cups—instead allowing the chemical industry to call its own shots—the European Commission has voted to ban the chemical from baby bottles throughout Europe.

Denmark and France have already adopted their own bans on BPA, an estrogenic chemical linked to breast cancer that's used in hard plastic bottles and the lining of food cans, among many other applications. Now all European countries will be directed to stop selling baby bottles that contain BPA by June 2011.

The new EU regulation sets a major precedent—one we hope U.S. lawmakers and agencies will follow.

Simply put, regulation is the only way to make sure that everyone is safe, not just those who know to read labels and shop at forward-thinking retailers. Our own Director of Program and Policy explained to USA Today:

Although consumer backlash has prompted major American baby bottle manufacturers to stop using BPA, the chemical is used in cheaper products sold in discount stores, according to Janet Nudelman of the Breast Cancer Fund. (Read complete article.)


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