FDA Bans BPA in Baby Formula (Media Roundup, 7/11/13- 7/12/13)


Rodale joined other news organizations last week, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer  and The Hill, in reporting on FDA's official ban on the toxic chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, for baby-formula packaging.

The Rodale article provides a direct link to the Breast Cancer Fund website and quotes Janet Nudelman, our director of program and policy:

"This is another milestone in the people-powered movement to get BPA out of our food. Consumers demanded BPA-free baby formula, and manufacturers finally did the right thing."

The article acknowledges the fact that baby formula manufacturers have already stopped using the chemical. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Sandy Bauers quoted Janet Nudelman, our director of program and policy; and Gretchen Lee Salter, our senior policy manager in her Green Space columm:

"Gretchen Lee Salter, expecting mom and leader of the Breast Cancer Fund’s 'Cans Not Cancer' campaign, said that while she’s heartened by this small step toward banning BPA, it’s still not enough.

'If BPA isn’t safe for babies, then it’s certainly not safe for my 2-year-old or even for me during my pregnancy,' said Lee Salter in the fund's press release. 'It’s frustrating that we’re still having this conversation. None of us—not babies, not kids, not pregnant moms—should be exposed to this toxic chemical.'"

The Hill, an online news organization covering Capitol Hill, reported on the ban and also quoted Janet Nudelman. 

While any news about prohibiting BPA is good news, the FDA's announcement only codified reality: The infant-formula industry had already stopped using BPA. Can the canned food industry be far behind? We’re working on it!

The Breast Cancer Fund was one of the first organizations to report on the ban. Check out our full press release here.


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