Irvine teacher’s uphill battle against breast cancer (Orange County Register, 4/20/2012)


Another great article about a member of this year's Climb Against the Odds team!

Lori Fallace, a teacher and breast cancer survivor, was featured in the Orange County Register and describes her personal drive to climb Mt. Shasta and educate others about breast cancer prevention.

Fallace was always a healthy woman. She exercises and eats well, and has had a lifelong fascination with the human body – she wrote the middle and high school health curriculum for the district.

So when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 with no family history and none of the indicator genes, she questioned why.

The light bulb came on when she discovered the link between breast cancer and the environment, and the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid what her integrative medicine doctor called the "perfect toxic milieu" she created in her body.

After reading the Breast Cancer Fund's report on the link between chemicals in everyday environments and breast cancer, the 54-year old Fallace saw the big picture.

"I've become sharply aware of what I touch, breathe, and eat," said Fallace, a speaker for the fund. "There are things we can do that are within our control." (Read complete article.)

Meet Lori and her team members, and learn more about Climb Against the Odds this June.


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