Meet the Climbers: MotherSon & Co., Frederique Mary and Arthur Morgan



On May 29, 2013 Frederique Mary had her yearly mammogram. The next day she received a call to schedule an appointment to check on dense tissues. It was the weekend of her son, Arthur's high school graduation, and he was graduating with honors. While the lump emerged in her thoughts throughout the weekend, it didn’t stop her from celebrating.

That Monday morning she had an ultrasound. The radiologist told her she had an 80 percent chance of cancer. She looked at it on the screen and cried. “I will never forget its shape. There it was. It did not look threatening, a bit like a star, a galaxy, and yet it was deadly. And it was a part of me.”

That afternoon her son, Arthur, drove her to get a biopsy. Within two days it was confirmed. “Within seconds I was part of the cancer world. And our team was formed without a word. MotherSon & Co.”

“It’s been a tough year for my family,” Arthur said. “I spent my summer going to treatment with my mom and my winter working with my mom’s post-cancer depression. I told my mom recently that we’ve shared a lot of love and had a lot of great moments this past year – it’s one of the most loving and memorable years I can remember in my life. I told her I can only imagine what will come of the next couple years if we have the same experiences minus the cancer.”

Frederique and Arthur will climb Mt. Shasta together to  demonstrate their commitment — to themselves and to others — that they stand for a world in which cancer is a thing of the past. 

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