New evidence adds to case against bisphenol A (San Francisco Chronicle, 9/21/2011)


An editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle highlights two BPA topics that the Breast Cancer Fund supports: passage of California's Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act (AB 1319), which now awaits Gov. Brown's signature; and our new BPA in Kids' Canned Food report.

The editorial points out that legislation around baby bottles and sippy cups are helpful, but not enough to protect children from BPA exposures:

There is no reason to have that chemical in baby products when safer alternatives are readily available. Brown should sign SB1319 to limit infants' BPA exposure, as 11 states have done in recent years, while lobbyists for the chemical and canning industries have been deflecting California BPA bills in each of the three previous years.

The real issue is whether the California Legislature went far enough. The bill originally would have extended the ban to infant food containers – specifically formula – but that provision was deleted to increase the chances of passage. And even that restriction may have been insufficient to protect children.

A report being released today by the Breast Cancer Fund showed disturbing levels of BPA in canned foods marketed for children. The fund commissioned an independent laboratory testing of a dozen popular canned foods – and all tested positive for the presence of BPA, which is used in the epoxy coatings in the inner lining of cans. (Read complete article.)


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