On this last day of breast cancer “awareness” month, know this: (Pink Ribbon Blues, 10/31/2013)


Pink Ribbon Blues hits the nail on the head with this blog post wrapping up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making a strong case for why we must go Beyond the Pink:

1. Preventing breast cancer is key to reducing the burden of the disease.
2. The best way to prevent breast cancer is to look at environmental factors like toxic chemical exposure.
3. Breast cancer ‘awareness’ campaigns mask “conflicts of interests and inconvenient truths about causation as well as detection, recurrence, death, and the collateral damage of treatment.”

“The Breast Cancer Fund has dared to raise awareness of environmental links to breast cancer, is regarded as a go-to source for information about cancer and the environment and is committed to calling out a particularly vile brand of pinkwashing– companies involved in breast cancer awareness while selling products with known environmental toxins.”

Read on in the full post.


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