Report uncovers BPA in canned food marketed to kids


It’s hard enough having to take your kid to the grocery store without being bombarded by every cartoon character imaginable trying to sell cookies, candy or soda. But I couldn’t believe it when I looked over and saw the latest Disney characters and Sesame Street monsters plastered on the cans of food that I knew likely contained the toxic chemical bisphenol A.

This is the estrogenic chemical that I’ve been trying to avoid in baby bottles, sippy cups and infant formula since the birth of my son a year and a half ago. But while baby bottles are now largely stamped “BPA-free,” there’s no mention of BPA on most canned foods.

Report-cover-web Now the Breast Cancer Fund has uncovered the presence of BPA in these canned foods marketed directly to young kids in our report released today, BPA in Kids’ Canned Food. We tested 12 canned food items—two cans of each of six canned meal products—marketed to and largely consumed by children, including:

  • Annie’s Homegrown Cheesy Ravioli
  • Campbell’s Disney Princess Cool Shapes, Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth
  • Campbell’s Spaghettios with Meatballs
  • Campbell’s Toy Story Fun Shapes, Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth
  • Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Pasta, Mini ABC’s & 123’s with Meatballs
  • Earth’s Best Organic Elmo Noodlemania Soup 

Every food sample tested positive for BPA, with Campbell’s Disney Princess and Toy Story soups testing the highest. Find all our test results here.

Now it’s canned foods that are exposing small kids to BPA at similar levels as the baby bottles that have been banned in numerous states and largely driven off of store shelves. What concerns me most is that children may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals like BPA.

There should be no place for toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer and other serious health problems in our children’s food. I hope you’ll join me today by asking Campbell Soup Company, ConAgra (maker of Chef Boyardee), Annie’s Homegrown and Hain Celestial (maker of Earth’s Best) to stop marketing BPA to kids in their canned foods.

But we’re not stopping there; the Breast Cancer Fund has launched the Cans Not Cancer campaign, creating a national voice to urge canned food manufacturers to replace BPA with a safer alternative.

It’s time for moms across the country to unite, just like we have for BPA-free baby bottles and phthalate-free toys, and demand that canned food companies stop marketing this toxic chemical to our kids.


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