Rethink Pink NOW! Saner Solutions to Breast Cancer (Huffington Post)


Blogger/writer Helen Cordes posted an excellent piece on the Huffington Post last week, urging readers to reevaluate our mainstream concepts of breast cancer detection and prevention — mammography, hormone therapy, diet and exercise — with links to the Breast Cancer Fund's State of the Evidence report and one of our projects, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

Re-vision Prevention–And We All Win

*Stop using cancer-causers, and tell everyone why. As the leading breast cancer prevention organization Breast Cancer Fund notes, speaking out about prevention is perhaps most important in October, when breast cancer awareness is high. After all, genetic causes account for only 5 to 10% of breast cancers, and while it's unquestionably beneficial to exercise and eat healthy, fitness is no guarantee of escaping breast cancer, which has steadily risen at the same time as the chemical proliferation of the last 40 years.

Read the whole post on the Huffington Post.


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