Saving our skin (San Francisco Magazine, March 2010)


The San Francisco Bay Area is ground zero for natural and organic – including skincare. Not coincidentally, it's also the home of the Breast Cancer Fund and the affiliated Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, as reported in the new issue of San Francisco Magazine:

[T]he activists decided to create the Campaign for Safe Cos­metics, and
turned to the San Francisco–based Breast Cancer Fund to host it. The
powerful fund, the only national organization devoted solely to
exploring the environmental causes of breast cancer, has also helped
push laws banning toxic chemicals from toys and was instrumental in the
2003 passage of San Francisco’s pioneering Precautionary Principle
ordinance, which requires the city, when making any decision, to choose
the alternative that poses the least potential threat to health or the
environment. Together, the CSC and the fund began to argue that
cosmetics were a powerful teaching tool about the reach of toxic
chemicals in our lives. (Read complete article.)


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