Spectacular pics and news from the summit




As proof of the stunning condition reports we've been getting from the mountain we received these gorgeous photos from the summit a short while ago!

More news from the mountain:

Katie Singleton and Diane Silberman reached the summit at 11:00 a.m. Haley Jensen, Joanne Padilla, and Michele Cobble summited at 11:20 a.m., followed closely by La Dawn Beardsley, Alisa Johnson, and Jen Bray at 11:30 a.m. Amy Legate, Teasha Curren, Tarsha Ebbern, and Linda Morton reached the top at 12:10. And the final group to summit included Deirdre Hockett, Hendy Dayton, Pam Bennett, and Christine Bunting at 1:05.

Hazel Degala reached her personal summit on the west face at 11,600 feet and is now back at camp. Leslie Vanoni and Lori Fallace reached their personal summits at 13,000 feet near the saddle between the top of the west face and Misery Hill and are now on their way down to base camp.

The first group to descend has reached the top of the west face and the conditions are so great that the climbers will be able to glissade most of west face (from 12,800 to 9,440 feet) after hiking 200 feet down the head wall …woohoo!

Summit 2




4 thoughts on “Spectacular pics and news from the summit

  1. Blessings to a the climbers and all their supporters!
    Joanne Padilla are you s relative to the very dear Frank Padilla?
    He was one of my dad’s, Harry Diaz, best friends
    I loved his very generous heart.
    Way to go !!!!
    Marcella Diaz Macartney ( raised in Crockett)
    2009 climber

  2. Way to go climbers!! I’m so proud of all of you! And kudos as always to the wonderful guides and staff!
    Love you all,
    2009 climber
    2008 BC survivor

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