Drum Roll, Please: No Estrogenic Activity Found in Tests of New Replacement for BPA in Food Can Linings

by Janet Nudelman, MA and Sharima Rasanayagam, PhD THE GIST What is the problem? Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disrupting chemical used in the lining of many food and beverage cans. Studies have shown that BPA can leach from the lining of cans into the food and then into people. Growing consumer concern over … Read more…

#RethinkThe Pink: Top 5 Food Tips for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are what we eat – but that isn’t always a good thing. By reducing our exposure to toxic chemicals in our food, we reduce our risk of disease. Choose organic fruits and veggies—avoid pesticides Pesticides are formulated with the intent of destroying pests—it’s no wonder that they’re harmful to our health as well. Studies … Read more…

American Medical Women’s Association speaks out about endocrine disruption and breast cancer risk

In a recent joint statement with the Breast Cancer Fund, the American Medical Women’s Association called for a reduction of exposures to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and urged physicians and healthcare providers to educate the public and their own patients about ways to avoid chemicals linked to endocrine disruption. They’re not the first professional medical association to … Read more…

12k people say no to BPA

The Breast Cancer Fund’s Nancy Buermeyer delivered over 12,000 petition signatures to U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey, who sponsored legislation to ban BPA in food packaging. BPA is a toxic chemical used to harden plastics that is found in food and beverage cans, as well as dental fillings and register receipts. More than 300 laboratory … Read more…

FDA Bans BPA in Baby Formula (Media Roundup, 7/11/13- 7/12/13)

FDA’s ban on BPA in baby formula is another milestone in the people-powered movement to to get BPA out of our food.

Under Pressure from Parents, Advocacy Groups, Campbell’s Goes BPA-Free (Forbes, 3/5/12)

On Monday, we shared the news that our Cans Not Cancer campaign scored a huge victory: After months of pressure from our campaign, Campbell’s Soup Company announced it will phase out the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in its can linings.

Campbell’s to phase out BPA from canned food

Great news! With your support over the past nine months, our Cans Not Cancer campaign has generated thousands of letters, calls, Facebook posts and Tweets demanding that Campbell Soup Company get toxic BPA out of its canned food.