Campaign gets companies to make safer cosmetics (Associated Press, 11/30/2011)

More than 400 cosmetics companies have removed chemicals linked to disease from their products under the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ seven-year effort to shift the market toward safer products, reports the Associated Press.

Groups push J&J on baby shampoo chemicals (Associated Press, 11/1/2011)

A new report from the Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reveals that Johnson’s Baby Shampoo sold in some countries contains a formaldeyhde-releasing preservative, while formulations of the product sold in other countries use safer alternatives.

More good news: House introduces toxic chemicals overhaul bill

Yesterday Reps. Rush and Waxman introduced the Toxic Chemicals Safety Act of 2010 in the House of Representatives. The proposed law would protect people and the environment from toxic chemicals.

Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention

We took Monday off for the holiday, so we have four tips in this week's roundup of breast cancer prevention tips, courtesy Dr. Janet Gray and the Daily Green. If you missed them on Facebook, find them now, right here! Avoid weed killers — on your lawn, around the house and in kids' play areas. … Read more…