Media Roundup: Groundbreaking report on breast cancer and the environment (2/11/13- 3/7/13)

More coverage of the Congressionally mandated federal advisory committee report on breast cancer prevention and the environment.

Emphasizing breast cancer prevention (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/11/2013)

The San Francisco Chronicle weighed in on yesterday’s game-changing report in an editorial that urges lawmakers to take action…

Welcome to the breast cancer prevention era? (Huffington Post, 2/13/2013)

With the release of a groundbreaking federal report today, there’s hope that we’re entering a breast cancer prevention era — one in which my young granddaughters won’t remember a time when the chemical industry got away with its story that breast cancer isn’t linked to chemical exposures.

Report faults priorities in studying breast cancer (New York Times, 2/12/2013)

“We’re extending life with breast cancer, making it a chronic disease, but we’re not preventing it,” said the Breast Cancer Fund’s Jeanne Rizzo.

We’re making history today

“Evidence suggests that breast cancer can be prevented.” While these words might not seem revolutionary to those of us who have been working to prevent the disease for years…