Q&A: NIEHS scientists explain findings of breast cancer study

A recent study conducted by scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Science found that women who work with organic solvents had a greater risk for developing breast cancer. Researchers used data on women taking part in the Sister Study, which has followed more than 50,000 women whose sisters had breast cancer. Lead authors, Christine … Read more…

FDA Jumps the Gun on Bisphenol A and Undermines Ongoing Safety Research

Guest post by Maricel V. Maffini, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council At low doses the FDA says bisphenol A, the substance used in cans, plastics and dental fillings, is safe. But, the agency is in the midst of a multimillion dollar study examining the safety of this synthetic estrogen. Haven’t they jumped the gun?  … Read more…

Emphasizing breast cancer prevention (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/11/2013)

The San Francisco Chronicle weighed in on yesterday’s game-changing report in an editorial that urges lawmakers to take action…

Report faults priorities in studying breast cancer (New York Times, 2/12/2013)

“We’re extending life with breast cancer, making it a chronic disease, but we’re not preventing it,” said the Breast Cancer Fund’s Jeanne Rizzo.

Worth a read: How chemicals affect us

Nicholas Kristof calls out canned food and cosmetics as culprits and breast cancer as one tragic effect of our current stew of endocrine-disrupting chemicals