Media Roundup: Fracking for the Cure (10/8/14-10/12/14)

October’s pink ribbon frenzy reached rock bottom last week when Susan G. Komen teamed up with fracking company Baker Hughes to make pink fracking drill bits. It’ll get even dicier next week when the Houston-based company hands Komen founder Nancy Brinker a $100,000 check at Pittsburgh’s Heinz field before the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Indianapolis … Read more…

Researchers raise concerns about BPA and breast cancer (USA Today, 10/8/2013)

USA Today story highlights the mounting evidence on the link between prenatal BPA exposure and increased risk for later-life breast cancer.

Pink Inc. has many starting to see red (Sacramento Bee, 10/23/2011)

Now, Ann avoids the parade of pink walkers and product promotions. She feels they trumpet a superficial notion of “awareness,” even if some groups do good things with the money raised and promote great solidarity among survivors and families.