What’s Hiding in Kids’ Face Paints and Makeup?

We sent face paints and kids’ cosmetics to the lab to find out what might be lurking in these products. After extensive label reading, we tested 48 Halloween products for the presence of heavy metals and 65 kids’ makeup products—collected by 14 partners across the country—for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We found the widespread presence … Read more…

Beyond the Label Bewitching: Kids’ Makeup Exposed

In 2009, we sent 10 Halloween makeup kits to a lab to test for heavy metals. We suspected these products could contain heavy metals due to the substantial pigmentation in the products. Very sensitive tests revealed low levels of lead in 100 percent of the products. Further, half of the products contained chromium, four contained … Read more…

Welcome to the breast cancer prevention era? (Huffington Post, 2/13/2013)

With the release of a groundbreaking federal report today, there’s hope that we’re entering a breast cancer prevention era — one in which my young granddaughters won’t remember a time when the chemical industry got away with its story that breast cancer isn’t linked to chemical exposures.

Report faults priorities in studying breast cancer (New York Times, 2/12/2013)

“We’re extending life with breast cancer, making it a chronic disease, but we’re not preventing it,” said the Breast Cancer Fund’s Jeanne Rizzo.

Turkey, stuffing and BPA?

Who has time to roast a pumpkin for pie at Thanksgiving? This year I’m making time. The Breast Cancer Fund’s new product-testing report, BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food, has opened not just my eyes but my entire family’s eyes.

Kids’ Soup Cans Contain BPA Toxins (Discovery News, 9/21/2011)

Advocacy groups have successfully managed to get companies to remove BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and other products made for small children. The new findings suggest that food cans might need to be their next major target.