#RethinkThePink Shopping Guide

Did you know that the Breast Cancer Fund only partners with companies that share our values? We are proud to partner with companies who share our vision of a world in which we do not have to live in fear of losing our breasts, a world in which we don’t need a Ph.D. to protect … Read more…

Stepping up to the TSCA plate

Last week a coalition of socially responsible businesses formed Companies for Safer Chemicals, which brings a fresh perspective to the TSCA reform debate that protecting the health of your customers and workers is NOT bad for the economy. In fact, it spurs the innovation that creates jobs!

An Island of Green at the California Women’s Conference

The Breast Cancer Fund traveled to Long Beach, Calif., to introduce prevention to a crowd of over 14,000 California women during the 2010 Women’s Conference, a star-studded two-day forum seeking to inspire and empower.