Target aims for healthier products under veil of secrecy (The Guardian, 12/18/2013)


In the second article of a week-long series by The Guardian on US retailers' efforts to curb the use of  harmful chemicals in household products, writer Bill Lascher describes Target's new system for ranking products for health and sustainability.

The policy revolves around a 100-point scoring system that's intended to motivate suppliers to provide healthier, more sustainable products.

"Margie Kelly of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, an organization that advocates for public disclosure of ingredient lists and elimination of harmful chemicals in consumer products, describes Target's approach as carrot-based and Walmart's as more of a stick. Both, she says, will mean tangible changes on store shelves, and more transparency from manufacturers about what's in the products the big-box stores sell."

Read on in the full article and the first part of the series here.


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