Week Four: Breast Cancer Prevention Month


The release of our latest edition of State of the Evidence launched a month-long campaign to move the breast cancer conversation in October beyond awareness and to prevention. Through our online communities on Facebook and Twitter, we posted the latest themes in the emerging science linking breast cancer and environmental exposures, tips for reducing your risk, action opportunities and things you can share with family and friends to spread the word.

In the final week of October, we introduced another important theme, one that plays a big role in the work of the Breast Cancer Fund. While we know it's important to limit our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation at every stage, there are certain critical windows when it's extremely important: gestation, childhood and pregnancy. For this reason, the Breast Cancer Fund has been a leader in efforts to ban certain chemicals of concern from children's products, including phthalates from plastic chewable toys and bisphenol A (BPA) from hard plastic baby bottles and sippy cups and from the lining of aluminum cans.

Science Monday
Scientists used to think "the dose makes the poison." But research over the last decade suggests exposures early in life can be extremely significant, and that even tiny doses can have a big impact on later-life risk of breast cancer. This is especially true for endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which interfere with the body's hormonal system.

Tip Tuesday
Because kids are especially vulnerable, here are a few tips for protecting your family: make sure your baby bottles and sippy cups are BPA free, limit the use of canned food and choose clean and green personal care products and household cleaners. 

Action Wednesday
Sign our petition to President Obama to make breast cancer prevention a top policy priority, by embracing his own cancer panel's recommendation for a national cancer prevention plan, giving the FDA direction to eliminate BPA from food and beverage containers and authority to ensure cosmetics are safe, and reforming the broken Toxic Substances Control Act.

Share Thursday
And help us continue to spread the word about prevention through sharing Breast Cancer Prevention Starts with Us. It's the tale of prevention told through the powerful voices of women and men touched by this devastating disease. 

Thank you again for helping us launch State of the Evidence and inserting prevention into the Breast Cancer Awareness Month conversation. In the coming year, we'll be continuing to disseminate this important information on the environmental links to breast cancer, and we hope you'll consider supporting our efforts!


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