Week Two: Breast Cancer Prevention Month


The release of our latest edition of State of the Evidence launched a month-long campaign to move the breast cancer conversation in October beyond awareness and to prevention. Through our online communities on Facebook and Twitter, we’re posting the latest themes in the emerging science linking breast cancer and exposures, tips for reducing your risk, action opportunities and things you can share with family and friends to spread the word.

In week two of Breast Cancer Prevention Month, we focused on the reality that the chemicals in our everyday products are not just affecting our health-–they’re also making their way, by way of us, into the environment. It gives the phrase, "what we put in and on our body matters," new meaning.

Science Monday
Without realizing it, we're often exposing ourselves and our planet to hormone-disrupting chemicals found in our pharmaceuticals and other everyday products, including cosmetics. After making their way through us, or down the drain, these chemicals are not fully removed in the water treatment process and can end up back in our tap water.

Tips Tuesday
Because what you put in and on your body matters, check out our tips for choosing safe cosmetics that reduce the risk of breast cancer and the impact on our planet.

Action Wednesday
Jeanne Rizzo, president and CEO of the Breast Cancer Fund, wrote a blog post featured on Huffington Post this week, calling for national attention toward stopping breast cancer before it starts. After reading the post, please take action by adding your comments and sharing with friends on Facebook and Twitter

Share Thursday
Educate your family and friends on the risk of chemicals to our bodies and environment by sharing the The Story of Cosmetics: The Ugly Truth of 'Toxics In. Toxics Out' from our friends at The Story of Stuff Project! It’s a fun video with a very important message.

If you'd like to continue your support for the Breast Cancer Fund, please check out ways you can contribute to prevention, including donating to our State of the Evidence Fund to support its distribution or shopping with one of our many prevention partners.

Thank you again for helping us keep the momentum to move beyond awareness this October!


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