Will Your Canned Soup Carry a Warning Label? (Rodale, 4/12/2013)


A Rodale article about California’s
declaration that BPA would be added to the state’s list of Prop 65 chemicals
quotes our policy manager, Gretchen Lee Salter:

“The Prop 65 listing is yet
another indictment of this toxic chemical that industry continues to argue is
safe, despite waves of peer-reviewed scientific studies finding that BPA harms
reproduction and is linked to breast cancer," says Gretchen Lee Salter,
policy manager at the Breast Cancer Fund. "And the listing is happening
the same week that the French government began warning pregnant women to avoid
BPA because fetal exposure has been linked to later-life breast cancer. This is
a seriously toxic chemical that none of us should be exposed to." Read the full article here.

Proposition 65 requires the governor of California to publish, at least
annually, a
list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity
The law also requires labeling of  products that contain high levels of
these chemicals, but because BPA can exert negative effects at extremely low
levels, environmental health advocates and state officials are still hashing
out acceptable levels for labeling.  For more information on the health
effects of BPA, check out our recently updated State
of the Evidence on BPA


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