Anterior Tib Machine Exercises to Improve Your Joint Health

As we get older, one of the primary health issues becomes our joints. This happens naturally even if you haven’t been an athlete in your youth. If you want to have your joints intact when you get older, you need to understand them better, and also their connection to our muscles.

The two are in great connection and the tibialis muscle is a proof of this. This muscle is a vital part of our ability to move.

This is why it is vital to exercise regularly. To be able to do this, first, you need to learn a thing or two about it.

Anterior Tibialis Muscle Basics

If you haven’t heard about it before, its location on our bodies will tell you more. It’s located on the shinbone, in a lateral position. This muscle is a strategist in our body. It strengthens the body but also doesn’t allow dorsiflexion inefficiency.

Thanks to these two feats our ankles can’t bend inward. In essence, its power and position allow us to walk and run with the stress on joints being minimal and equally dispersed.

Its unique position allows it to be a supportive tissue for both our ankles and knees.

The Importance of Tibialis Muscle Strength

Tibialis Muscle Strength

Its importance and influence on our body can’t be understated. For one it affects our posture. Secondly, it also is connected to gait. Posture and gait are of great importance for our body and both rely on the strength of this muscle.

If you are weak in this department you may have issues with your lower back, hips, and of course, ankles and knees. Furthermore, you need to be afraid of shin splints. In essence, these splints are classic shinbone inflammation that can be very painful. In many cases, it comes from weak, stressed, and overused anterior tibialis.

Reduce the risks of all of these issues by giving strength to this muscle. This is where The Tib Bar Guy and the Tib machine exercise can be of great help.

Benefits of Using an Anterior Tib Machine

Benefits of Using an Anterior Tib Machine

To confirm the last sentence from the previous paragraph, we need to start with the benefits of the recommended approach. For one, this is a piece of equipment that is designed to target this particular muscle.

Having an issue with the named muscle and attacking its weakness directly is the biggest benefit one could hope for. It is amazing at isolating this muscle ensuring that it can pose resistance to any outside factor influencing it. Furthermore, it is great in aiding young people and the elderly alike, not to mention seasoned athletes and novices.

With the regularity of use, you’re guaranteed to have a reduced risk of an injury, a better definition of your muscles, and of course much improved joint support.

How to Set up The Tib Machine?

By not adjusting it the right way, you are putting yourself at risk of doing the exercise without receiving the results. So, using it the proper way is vital for final success. The setup starts with adjustments to the seat and the backrest.

When doing this you will ensure that the machine’s pivot point is aligned with your knees. Next, position your feet so that it sits perfectly on the footpad.

Last, ensure that your heel is secured. By doing everything by our instructions, you will ensure that the engagement of your muscles is maximized while the stress on the joints is minimal.

Top 5 Exercises on the Anterior Tib Machine

Anterior Tib Machine

Here, we’ve arrived at the focal point of this article. While this machine can help in a lot of ways, it can’t do much if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we are going to list the top five exercises for a Tib machine in our opinion. By regularly doing these, you will achieve great results.

1. Basic Dorsiflexion

This is quite a simple workout. When you adjust the weight properly, you need to move the footpad from the initial position up. You need to count to one, two, or three depending on your strength before you return the leg to the starting position. Repeat this exercise more and more as you progress with your workouts.

2. Incremental Holds

This one is intended to create muscle endurance. What you need to do with every repeat is to slowly increase the amount of weight you’re pushing up thus creating more resistance which will result in more endurance.

3. Pulse Sets

Once you move to muscle responsiveness, you will start to love this one. As we said, the goal is responsiveness. It’s achieved by fast and continuous repetitions with slower weights.

4. Single-leg Dorsiflexion

The routine is the same, but the weight will be increased. The weight increase is achieved by merely starting to use one leg during the set. Use each leg interchangeably to maximize your results.

5. Slow Negatives

As you’ve probably noticed all of the exercises tied to this machine are quite simple. But, they offer different variations all serving different purposes. With a slow negative, you will aid in elongating your muscles. This is done by quickly lifting the weight, but bringing it down slowly.

Regardless of the exercise you’re doing at the moment, it is vital to keep the proper form. Start with a straight back, and focus on having your feet doing all the work.

Keeping it Safe

When you engage in any form or type of workout, remaining safe and healthy is paramount. This is why it is vital to do stretches before and after working out. The stretches that will aid you the most include, but are not limited to ankle circles, shin stretches while sitting and calf stretches when standing.

Furthermore, you need to be wary of strains. Any sharp pain, discomfort, or swelling is a clear sign that you need a break and a change of routine. It is important that you start with smaller weights before you start pushing yourself.

 Bottom Line

When you know how to take the best care of your body things become way easier. This is why you must learn more about your body, tendons, joints, and muscles. Knowing a thing or two about anterior tibialis never harmed anyone.

When neglected it can cause more severe health issues. So, take care of yourself, work on a regular basis, and use all the right equipment. Just as we suggested.