Caring for Your Tongue Piercing: Tips to Avoid Gum Recession

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings allow a fun way to express yourself, but the barbell can cause gum damage if proper care isn’t taken. Over time, excessive friction from the jewelry leads to gum recession around the piercing. With good piercing technique, quality jewelry, and attentive aftercare, you can have a tongue piercing without significant gum damage. This …

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Inspiring Tales of Triumph: Real People Overcoming Long-Term Disability

Navigating the journey called life is a complex and rewarding challenge. For some, this journey includes additional hurdles, presented by long-term disabilities. Yet, through sheer determination, resilience, and unwavering spirit, countless individuals transcend these challenges and redefine success on their own terms. Dive into these tales of victory, where ordinary humans surmount extraordinary obstacles and …

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Five Facts About Cancer-Causing Chemicals in L’Oreal Products

Loreal cosmetics

Our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found seven chemicals linked to cancer in L’Oreal products including benzophenone-1; titanium dioxide; and four formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. In addition, the Campaign found four ingredients that were possibly contaminated with the known cancer-causing chemicals PFOA, acrylamide and asbestiform fibers. The Campaign found these chemicals in: shampoos, nail polishes, eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows, facial toners, BB cream, anti-aging …

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